RIKCAD International version
RIKCAD is the most popular landscape and garden design CAD in Japan
RIKCAD is a CAD, a modeler, a renderer, and a presentation tool.
It has an intuitive interface, and the basic palette contains drafting tools and various functions
allowing designers to quickly get accustomed to and get on with their design work.
Design away with an all-in-one solution product for those who design outside space!

Planning + Design

Being the only CAD dedicated to outside space design, RIKCAD allows you to create your plan with the support of various functions and it makes it easy to make changes with less effort than drawing it by hand.

Library Contents

Library data of RIKCAD is in original format allowing you to change the color and size of a data with simple parameters.
Also, it is equipped with wide variety of natural materials including realistic 2D and 3D plants.



RIKCAD has a powerful operating and rendering engine which optimizes time-consuming 3D modeling work.
The cinema4D by MAXON makes it very easy for you to create a photo realistic rendering image.


Main Functions

Useful functions to help you realize your creative mind.

RIKCAD × Twinmotion

Realtime integration between RIKCAD and Twinmotion, a powerful architectural and landscape visualization tool, is now possible with a simple click. Rendering time has been greatly reduced and creating higher quality CG perspective and inspiring presentation videos become easier than ever. With this linkage, revision of the plan on RIKCAD can be immediately reflected on Twinmotion, hence reducing the work of multi-time revision and confirmation.